In 2001, Pia Sanat Co. has started in the Tehran (Islamshahr) and began his works with produce 50 products that for example Pride exhaust was the hardest piece of technology at that time. All of managers had worked in Iran Muffler co. Now; Iran Muffler co has change its business
In 2005, According to company policy, Pia sanat was cooperating with Chinese company (Tonghe) for transferring information and technical information also supplying manufacturing machines. After develop that cooperating, pia sanat was jointed with WTM co. which is south Korean’s company & could get representation of that in Iran for selling all of product such as manufacturing exhaust machine and air conditioning system.
In 2008, Pia Sanat has moved to Parand Industrial zone, which company area is 2500 square meter that 1500 square meter is production area. So far, 240 type of automotive exhaust has been produced & it has capable to manufacture all of automotive exhaust type.
In 2011, Pia sanat has started to cooperating with Korean company (Honow) to get exhaust manufacture machine and technical information.
Critical success factors:

  • assiduity
  • Trying too hard
  • Long experience in the field of special affairs
  • Quality of products
  • Adequate financial resources and lack of dependence on institutions and/or related organizations


  • Ranked first in the industry in design and manufacturing of automotive exhaust
  • Joint Venture with Sejong company (Kia Motors Supplier)
  • Market entry in Central Asia and the Middle East
  • Cooperation with domestic automakers
  • Collaboration with Korean automakers

Objectives & Targets:

  • Automation of production lines
  • Increase the market share
  • Gain market share and exports to Asia
  • Korean automobile companies gain market share
  • Increase Technical knowledge and production technologies
  • Commissioning equipped quality control laboratory exhaust
  • Increase staff knowledge

Planning to achieves the targets:

  • Upgrading technology through the purchase of machinery and equipment
  • Identify reliable suppliers
  • Human resources supplying, promotion of scientific and technical knowledge
  • Financing plan


  • Services market in home
  • Market services abroad (Iraq)

Sales representatives:
Sales representatives in 20 major provinces of the country, which is the same price across the country.
Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) to a distance of 15 km. Parand railway station within 20 km to destinations Bandar Abbas port. Bandar Abbas road destination Transportation by ship is done from Bandar Abbas to the all of word port.
Production Capacity:

  • In the year of 2000: 16/000 Pcs per year
  • In the year of 2000: 16/000 Pcs per year
  • At present 110/000 exhaust systems are selling per year.

Quality control & product standards:

  • As respects technical knowledge and long experience in the production of exhaust, the experts and consultants of Organization has written company standard & now it is registering by Standard organization in Tehran.
  • This standard is encompassed national standards ISIRI4243 & ISIRI6764.

Control equipment:

  • Dimensional measuring equipment
  • dB meter
  • control position Fixture
  • assembly on vehicle control Fixture

Laboratory colleague:
Noise and exhaust gas emissions measurements can be performed by Itrac lab.
Management system:

  • In 2012 Pia sanat has Implemented Quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008.
  • After that, It going to implement Environment management system & Occupational & health management systems according to ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007

Design and Development executing:

  • In 2010, has developed his factory in Parand industrial zone that its area is 6000 square meter and production space is 3600 square meter. This action is according to organization purpose that increase the production rate & updating the production technology.
  • Now, all of legal permissions were obtained, building & civil activity are ongoing.